Day in the Life of a Prospective Faculty Member

by Shara TibkenEditor in Chief

Simpson College has conducted many faculty member searches in the past semester, but few people actually know how much goes into the process. After the departments looking for new hires conduct the initial interviews, they narrow the field down to their top candidates. Those candidates, usually two to four people, are then invited on an individual visit to the campus. Each department looking for a new faculty member has a search committee comprised of faculty members from the department as well as faculty members from other areas on campus. Students usually give input as well, whether they actually serve on the committee or not. While on campus, the faculty member candidates are treated to a whirlwind day or two of meetings, tours and interviews. They meet with students in the department, usually for lunch, and also present a lecture to a class on a topic that is in their field of study. No matter what it is the candidates do, they’re guaranteed to have little free time until the day is over.

7:30 a.m. – Breakfast8:30 – Meet with Mimi Barley, director of human resources in Hillman Hall9:00 – Meet with Steve Griffith, vice president and dean for academic affairs 9:30 – Faculty reception10:30 – Campus tour11:00 – Meet with the faculty member the candidate would be replacing11:30 – Lunch with students12:30 p.m. – Prep time for class lecture1:00 – Lecture for a class in the major2:00 – Meet with Nancy St. Clair, professor of English and chair of the Liberal Arts Program, and John Pauley, professor of philosophy and chair of the Senior Colloquium Program or Meet with President John Byrd (depends on scheduling, etc.)2:45 – Meet with the search committee3:45 – Go on a community area tour5:30 – Eat dinner with search committee10:00 – Fly home