Our View

The last couple of years haven’t been kind to a group of students living in the Performing Arts House.

The primary nuisance to these students has been bats. Earlier this fall, the creatures were moved out of the house, but the nocturnal roommates left behind bat bugs, which forced the students to move again.

The students were finally moved to 510 Detroit St., a location that has traditionally been rented to faculty members.

As May Term is now arriving and next fall quickly begins to loom on the horizon, uncertainty has become the new problem the students of the PA House are once more going to have to deal with.

If the Women’s Resource Center doesn’t gain enough interest in the allotted time, then what’s currently known as the Political Science House, located at 707 North C Street, will be theirs. Otherwise, they will stay at 510 Detroit St, where they are all currently residing.

Throughout this entire batty debacle, the students have been victims of various issues, but the majority of their problems have seemingly stemmed from old-fashioned bad luck.

Junior Angela Vogel said it was never the intention of Stephanie Krauth, associate director of students, and Mandy Fox, director of residence life, to keep the group uninformed. It doesn’t seem as though any real negligence occurred on their part; it would undoubtedly be a pain for any person to have to move a group of students in the middle of the semester because of a bat infestation, especially when those little creatures leave behind a surprise for later.

What the PA House students deserve, at least, is first pick on wherever they wish to live, regardless of who wants what. And if that means others are left out, or all their housing lottery numbers go to zero, so be it.

The most the school could and should do is move the students into President John Byrd’s college-provided house. If nothing else, it’d make for an interesting reality television show, especially seeing as the PA House members are drama students.