Our View

As March came to a close, so did Women’s History Month. This year, Simpson celebrated women’s history with performances of “The Vagina Monologues” and “Parallel Lives” along with Take Back the Night and various forums and lectures.

However, with a new women’s resource center, the focus on women’s issues will not be centered on only one month but available all year long.

The resource center has been in talks for a while and it’s great to see that it has finally come to fruition. Simpson College is constantly trying to find ways to expand diversity and recognize minorities, and women should not be excluded.

In light of recent events on campus concerning women’s safety, this center comes at a much-needed time. It will provide a haven for the women on campus to feel safe and able to express themselves openly and connect with other women on campus and in the community.

It will also be a center for knowledge. As Simpson is a liberal arts college, there is much emphasis on expanding our education past the classroom and textbooks. The resource center will help to educate others on women’s past and present struggles as well as their triumphs.

With woman outnumbering men on this campus, it’s about time we give them a place of their own.