Letter to the Editor

Nature works in cycles. What we think of as waste and death often powers new growth. The Living Earth Senior Colloquium has re-labeled Dead Week, Green Week. Green Week will raise awareness of how our actions as individuals and as an institution have positive and negative impacts on our environment. It is our hope that this week will start a conversation about Simpson’s environmental sustainability.

Each day of the week will focus on an aspect of sustainability. Monday we “Give Thanks” as we consider our sources of sustenance and the distance our food travels to reach our plate.

Look for the blue recycling containers around campus on Tuesday as we consider how we can reduce, reuse and recycle.

Wednesday we will turn off the lights when we leave the room and power down our computers at night to save electricity.

Thursday we ask you to “Hike to Hy-Vee.” By walking to our nearby destinations we reduce carbon emissions and acquaint ourselves with our community.

Finally, on Friday we ask you to reduce your water use by, among other practices, abiding by the old standby: “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.”

In addition, each day we will send out emails letting you know how you can reduce your ecological footprint.

As an institution, Simpson has a commitment to prepare critical thinking, socially responsible students for the challenges facing the world. Facing the detrimental environmental impacts caused by institutions and individuals is one of those challenges.

By participating in Green Week, we are asking the college not to sacrifice its conscience for convenience. As individuals, we live in this place and go from this place into the world making decisions that will affect the health of our human and environmental communities. Together, we can begin to become sustainable, at Simpson and in the world.

-The Living Earth Senior Colloquium: Seniors Josh Bishop, Colene Cleary, Kellen Delney, Anders Dovre, Mickaela Milby and Jamie Olson.