Letter to the Editor: Movember


Caleb Geer

Scott Krueger, President of Lambda Chi Alpha.

by Scott Krueger, Special to the Simpsonian

Editors of the Simpsonian and Members of the Simpson College Community,

This November, like many others, marks the recognition of No Shave November – an effort put on by Movember to raise awareness for men’s health issues, both mentally and physically. I am writing to encourage everyone able to donate to this organization through the QR code which I have included in this letter. In our generation, the crisis of mental illness has been profound. At least a quarter of college-aged men have experienced depression or continue to struggle with it, and nearly half have reported extreme feelings of anxiety. When we cannot find support for our mental health, the consequences to individuals and college communities can be drastic. In the face of this colossal crisis, I implore everyone to promote organizations like Movember and others that follow their charitable mission, which helps fund programs into the mental health of boys and men across all demographics and geographical areas. For example, Movember has a program called “Making Connections” that supports the mental health of boys and men of color through organized community groups. Funding these efforts is necessary to stem the rising tide of the mental health crisis.

Movember was originally founded to provide support for research and awareness about prostate and testicular cancer. According to the CDC, 13 out of 100 men in America today will experience prostate cancer within their lifetime, and 1 in 270 will experience testicular cancer. Testicular cancer is at a much higher risk for younger men, especially us who are of college age or just after getting our diploma. This has an enormous impact on the man who suffers from cancer and everyone in their life. One can imagine their father, their brother, their son, their friend, or even themselves having to go through this awful experience. Early detection and further research are necessary to stop cancer. If anyone is interested in how to check yourself for the early stages of either of these cancers, I encourage you to look at the Movember website for explanations.

Men’s health today is both mental and physical. Whether it’s the rising tide of mental illness in our generation or the constant threat of cancer, Movember is trying to help. Besides the support that Movember provides for these problems, our fraternity, Lambda Chi Alpha has some unique goals to encourage you to donate as well. I have bet my beard on it. If we meet our $500 goal, I will shave this goatee I am so proud of. On top of that, Riley Dykstra – who many of you may know for his great ginger beard – will shave if we reach our stretch goal of $1000. Help out your fellow man and donate today! If not to save lives, then at least to see some shaven beards.

Thank you for reading,

Scott Krueger

President of Lambda Chi Alpha at Simpson College.