Senior art majors present show in Farnham Galleries

Senior art majors present show in Farnham Galleries

This is the time of year when Simpson senior art majors are getting ready to pack up from college and start a new venture in life. They’ve worked hard over the last four years to establish themselves as artists, and now they get the chance to show their work at the Senior Art Show.

The show will take place in Farnham Galleries through May 19.

The annual art show is held for the seniors to showcase their artwork and creativity that has developed during their years at Simpson.

“Every senior art major is expected to take a senior seminar art class,” senior Rachel LeValley said. “In this class, the seniors create the artwork that goes into the senior art show. Each student’s art is usually a collection of pieces that share a common theme. The number of pieces each student will display varies depending on the student.”

There are 14 senior artists showing many varieties of work this year.

“We have one person doing unique pottery, another doing batik (ink and wax on fabric), others doing drawing, painting, graphic design, photography and lots more,” senior Jenna DeDecker said.

The seniors are given the freedom to choose what form of artwork they would most like to work with. This gives them the opportunity to experiment with their favorite types of artwork and show their range and ability.

“Seniors must choose a theme for their work, but may use any media or materials they would like and may do any type of artwork,” senior Katie Albrecht said.

All senior art majors are required to show work at the senior art show. The work is created during the fall semester before graduation so that any alterations may be taken care of before the show.

The purpose of the show is to understand the process an artist goes through to have an art show, from idea conception all the way through hanging of the show and the audience viewing.

The art show is a time for the artists to experiment with artwork they enjoy, but it’s also a time for them to complete work at their own pace and come up with a range of work.

The only requirement of the artists is that they form a cohesive collection, and from start to finish, the artists have complete control over what media they want to work with and what pieces will be showcased.