Call in the expert!

I’ve been at school for almost a month now, and just don’t know if Simpson is right for me. I like my classes, and the other girls on my dorm floor seem really nice, but I just can’t tell if this is right. I went to a high school where all of my friends were really close, and most of them went to the same state school. I look at their Facebook photos and they’re all hanging out together and look like they’re having so much fun, it makes me feel like I’m missing out. I can’t help but wonder if I’d be happier at the same school as them, closer to home. How do I know if this is just a passing feeling or if I should really consider leaving Simpson?


Wendy Whatdoido

Dear Wendy,

First of all, I can assure you that you’re not the only student feeling this way at any college! It’s completely normal to question such a big decision in your life, particularly when it’s such a new experience. Honestly, those of us who have graduated college and began new jobs or moved to a new city feel at unease at first, too.

I commend you on stepping out of your comfort zone and not following your friends to the same school or staying close to home- that is difficult, but will ultimately pay off in the end. You are now able to learn how to cope with adversity, challenge yourself, become more assertive, be involved in campus activities without the pressure of friends. Live independently and discover your own identity away from the people you’ve been around your entire life! Most people end up being lifelong friends with the ones they meet in college, rather than high school.

If you are enjoying your classes and the other girls in your dorm, just go for it…get a group of ’em together for a night of “The Real World” or “Dancing with the Stars” while you eat pints of Ben & Jerry’s in your comfiest jammies! You’ll find it’s much easier to gather a group of folks to do something together, than getting the courage to just ask one or two girls.

It could turn out to be a weekly event! Also, you could consider looking into Greek Life for a place that may feel more like a “family” and real connection within a large group.

Other suggestions would be to take part in intramurals (something that is consistent from week-to-week), attend Stormy Nights events (’cause once you win at Survival Bingo, that’s it; you’ll be hooked to Simpson for life!), have a chat with your favorite professors, ask to be a tutor at Hawley, check out Daybreak or a morning trip with the Breakfast Club, and touch base with your CA in the dorm. Many opportunities and support systems like these wouldn’t be available to you at the large university that all your friends are at, so, deep breath…you are not alone and Simpson is dedicated to help you with this new, scary journey!


Tiffany Hummel

Admissions Counselor