Family Integral Part of Philosophy professor’s Life

by Nicole CleveringaCopy Editor

John Pauley, Professor of Philosophy, has had only one teaching job-teaching philosophy at Simpson for the past 17 years. Born in Connecticut and raised in Massachusetts, Pauley attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst for his undergraduate degree and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for his master’s and Ph.D. He chose to study philosophy for a variety of reasons.

“Philosophy is where you can ask anything and not have to worry about it,” Pauley said. “It’s where you can have any view as long as you can defend it. You can get away from the ‘thought police.’ “

Pauley’s wife, Judy, also teaches and is currently working on her Ph.D. at Iowa State. His twin sons, Ben and Sam, are currently sophomores at Indianola High School. Two dogs and three cats complete the family, and Pauley said there is no other place he’d rather be than home.

“My family is the center of my life,” Pauley said.

Pauley enjoys working on his home, as he came from a family of carpenters, and also enjoys athletics and working out. That’s probably a good thing, as much as he enjoys Pfeiffer grilled cheese sandwiches!