New requirements in place for intramurals

by Carlie BealsStaff Writer

Intramural participants across campus have been informed of new eligibility requirements for the year. The Intramural Program will no longer allow student athletes to participate in an intramural sport if they are listed on a Simpson College roster for that same sport in the same year.

Although many students disagree with this change in participation requirements, others believe it is a fair change that will still allow for a competitive and fun intramural experience.

According to Nicole Darling, assistant director of student activities/intramurals director, the decision to enforce these eligibility rules was done out of fairness and is not a new idea.

“These rule changes are more of an enforcement,” Darling said. “In the past, we’ve allowed players to participate that wouldn’t normally be allowed. It’s unfair to not follow the rules all year long.”

Darling stated that these eligibility requirements have always been in place, but the intramural department made exceptions for Labor Day weekend and May Term intramural events.

For the past three years, the late night softball tournament held during Labor Day weekend has been a popular intramural event. In previous years, both Simpson College softball and baseball players have been allowed to participate in this tournament. However, due to the new enforcement of the eligibility rules, this was the first year athletes in both of these sports were not allowed to play.

“The reason we did not enforce these rules in the past is because we were trying to promote Labor Day activities and keep students on campus for Labor Day weekend,” Darling said. “We decided to start right at the beginning of the year to be as fair as possible.”

May Term intramural activities will also be affected by this new enforcement of rules.

In previous years, sand volleyball has been open to volleyball players who were listed on the Simpson roster. This will be the first year that volleyball players will not be allowed to participate, unless they are done with their senior season.

In some instances, it seemed that athletes who participated in the same intramural event in which they compete in at the collegiate level had an advantage over players not on a Simpson roster.

“Last year’s late night softball team had a lot of baseball and softball players on it and the water volleyball champions had many volleyball players on it,” Darling said. “But not every case is that way.”

According to Aric Riedemann, senior, Intramural Council member, the enforcement of these rules allows other students to excel besides the athletes who are on a Simpson roster.

“It gives other people a better opportunity and a better chance to compete,” Riedemann said.

Darling agrees and feels there are many great athletes throughout campus, both those who choose to participate at the collegiate level and those who do not.

“Unfortunately we can’t offer separate divisions or leagues in intramurals based on talent because of the size of our school,” Darling said.

Senior Intramural Official Brady Buresh believes the enforcement of this rule is very common among other schools.

“It’s real typical wherever else you go,” Buresh said. “At most other schools you can’t participate in the same intramural sport that you play.”

Another revision to intramural requirements is that if you stop playing in the middle of your sport season, you are still ineligible for that entire year for the same intramural sport. Many people disagree with this rule, including senior Adam Thorson.

Thorson played on the Simpson men’s basketball team during his freshman and sophomore seasons and the beginning of his junior season. Thorson chose to play on an intramural basketball team for the rest of his junior year, since he was no longer playing on the Storm basketball team.

According to new enforcements, however, Thorson would not have been allowed to play basketball intramurals last year, although he was no longer a part of the Simpson basketball team.

“I don’t agree with this rule,” Thorson said. “If someone is forced out of a competitive sport for any reason I don’t think you should penalize them for trying to play. They love the game and should be able to play for fun if they want.”

Although many students disagree with the new intramural enforcements, Darling said that the majority of students seem to realize that the rules are for the best.

“They’ve [students] been pretty good,” Darling said. “They question and want a little more of an explanation, but for the most part they understand.”