Young members lend consistency to dance team

This year, the Simpson dance team is low in numbers but, according to their coach, high on talent. With only eight girls on the team, the goal is to keep the talent level even.

The team only had a few upperclassmen last year who chose not to return and one senior who graduated. This year, the team is composed of freshmen and sophomores.

Coach Christy Christensen, who is in her second year as dance team coach and third year as cheerleading coach, feels that this is a good thing for the squad.

“Having a young team is nice for a coach,” Christensen said. “Hopefully they return every year. That would give us a lot of consistency.”

The team is trying to take things to a higher level this year. Coach Christensen feels that may be the reason that the team is lacking upperclassmen this year.

“I think some people didn’t return because we are trying to take the program to a new level, to the college level versus the high school level,” Christensen said. “The team might be tougher than anticipated for some of the girls.”

The team practices around four times a week, every night but Friday. They also practice on Saturdays before games.

According to Coach Christensen, this is another reason the upperclassmen chose not to return.

“Practicing that often is not for some people and is for some people,” Christensen said.

According to freshman Sarah Keller, a typical practice lasts from 6:30 until about 8:30 or 9 p.m.

“Practice starts off by stretching, then we do abs and other cardio things, then we either learn a dance or clean one that we are going to perform at the next game/event,” Keller said. “We normally end practice with a cool-down stretch or a talk and then we all put our hands in and yell out loud and proud SDT- Simpson dance team.”

Keller enjoys every aspect of being a part of the dance team.

“I love dancing and performing at football and basketball games,” Keller said. “It is so much fun to get out in front of a crowd and show them what we have been working hard on. I also love getting to know the girls on the team, and bonding with them.”

Sophomore Alissa Baswell also enjoys being a member of the team.

“We have really good team spirit,” Baswell said. “I love representing the school. We are very good this year.”

The squad performs at all home football games and most of the home basketball games. The girls will also be competing at the state competition. The state competition takes place on Nov. 30 at Wells Fargo Arena and Vets Auditorium.

Last year, the team placed third at the state competition. Coach Christensen hopes to place even higher this year.

“If you have a team of only eight people that don’t have a very high skill level, then it could be detrimental to the team,” Christensen said. “I don’t feel that is the case in our situation.”