FlipSide Face

FlipSide Face

by Emily BeckmannStaff Writer

As you walk into Pfeiffer, the first person that you’ll meet is cashier Winnie Nicholson.

“I’ve been working at Pfeiffer for 30 years now,” Nicholson said. “For 23 years, I worked in the kitchen as a salad cook and the last seven as cashier.”

One of the main reasons, Nicholson is still going strong after 30 years of working at Simpson is because of the people that she works with.

“I like where I work,” Nicholson said. “I work with a good group of people. It’s basically been a good experience for 30 years. Nothing stands out as being really bad.”

While Winnie works Monday through Friday, both the breakfast and lunch shifts, she also understands the importance of family and enjoys being with hers in her free time.

“I have three children and nine grandchildren,” Nicholson said. “They keep me pretty busy. They all live in Indianola so we get together quite a bit.”

After all of these years, Winnie still enjoys her job at Pfeiffer, and she especially enjoys interacting with the students.

“I enjoy intermixing with the students,” Nicholson said. “Most of them just make my day. The students are all just good kids. The last few years they have really been a good group. I haven’t had any problems at all.”

Students, such as senior Jared Warren, also enjoy Nicholson as they enter Pfeiffer. “Winnie is always smiling when I come in,” Warren said. “She always says ‘hi’ to me. This is my fourth year, and she’s always been nice to me. Overall, she’s just a nice lady.”

Nicholson enjoys working with the students, and she also enjoys the food at Pfeiffer as well.

“I don’t really have a favorite food,” Nicholson said. “To me, it’s all good.”

While Nicholson enjoys her job, she offers these words of advice to Simpson students.

“Stay in school,” Nicholson said. “Or you’ll end up being cashier like me!”