Procrastination Nation

College life is full of important questions. Will I get a job? Is there any money in my checking account? Did my roommate drink my last beer? While such quandaries could be answered by a simple investigation, but not for procrastinators. Why waste physical exertion sending out resumes or checking the fridge for a lone Miller Lite when the answer to any of these yes or no queries could be nothing more than a mouse click away? Http:// even takes away the exertion of actually picking up that elusive Magic 8 Ball and shaking it for life’s answers. By simply typing in your query, the site will generate a response which may delight, disappoint or leave you to your own conclusions.

Need a second opinion? Look no further than, an alternate source when you wish to have use the internet to tell your fortune. This site, which describes itself as a “neuro search engine,” claims it gathers its data from over 300 student volunteers at research universities fitted with electrodes allowing people to search their thoughts from the Web site. Creepy? Maybe. Still, an unbiased, outside opinion, whether from an on-line toy or an alleged cranial think tank may just be the perfect way to burn some valuable hours. Time wasted? Answer is uncertain.