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“Get rid of pi phi and the football team … they both serve no purpose on Simpson’s campus and ultimately are irrelevant.”

Posted by: “CureAll”

In response to: “Well-intentioned Homecoming humor ends in ill will” (10/11/07)

“The fact remains that simpson is a D3 school — people do not come here because they are a fan of the athletic program. we should cheer on our friends and classmates but this doesnt usually equate to yelling ‘go storm!’ “

Posted by “alum”

In response to ‘Advice from a cheerleader: Make Simpson yours, have school spirit your way’


“That’s “I Pagliacci”. With an “i” at the end. Meaning “the CLOWNS”, not the “clones”. Gracious… I know for fact the misprint didn’t come from Larsen!”

Posted by: “Martin Poock”

In response to: “Music Department to present duo of operas for fall season” (10/11/07)

“It’s wonderfil to see this room. As someone who worked at the library for 4 years, seeing Terry Hoy every day, working hardin the back of the library, you couldn’t help but smile…” (continued On-line).

Posted by “Alum and former Library worker”

In response to “New study room to honor long-time faculty member” (10/11/07)

“A recent study shows that alcohol increases women’s chances of breast cancer by ten percent. I know you mean well, but check your facts before you encourage women to bring bodily harm to themselves…” (continued On-line)

Posted by “Emily Piette”

In response to students raise awareness with bar crawl” (10/04/07)

“Dutch people smell.”

Posted by: “smellydutch”

In response to “First-class students should wear first class T-shirts.” (10/04/07)

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