Truth will not set you free in case of loaded questions

Truth will not set you free in case of loaded questions

by Ashley GressFlipSide Editor

I realize that to men, women can be really confusing. I have the answer to one of biggest mysteries about women. Why do women ask questions that they don’t want the answers to?

I’m sure every guy in the world has heard both of these two questions more than once. Does this dress make me look fat? Do you think that she is prettier than me?

Well guys, when girls are asking you these questions, they aren’t trying to trick you. They are asking you these questions because they expect you to know the answer, which is always no!

“You don’t look fat in the dress; you look beautiful in everything.” “Of course, she isn’t prettier than you.” I don’t care if it isn’t the truth. I don’t care if the girl walking past is a supermodel, lie if you have to. If she wanted the truth, she would ask her friends. You’re her boyfriend; she wants you tell her that she looks beautiful.

Now, some of you are probably saying “I want to be honest with my girlfriend,” which is an admirable quality, but let me ask you this; the last time your girlfriend asked you a loaded question, did you answer honestly, and did this lead to a hour-long fight about how you think she is fat or ugly?

If you answered no, well then congratulations. You have found that rare breed of woman that actually wants you to tell them the truth. Keep her around, her type is hard to find. If you answered yes, which I’m assuming most of you did, than here are few simple ways to avoid this fight.

First, when a girl asks you a loaded question, answer her with the answer that she wants to hear, even if it isn’t exactly truthful. There is a commercial where a husband and wife are in the bathroom together. The husband is taking a shower, and the wife is brushing her teeth. She asks her husband, “Which one of my friends would you date if you had the opportunity. Tell me. I won’t be mad.”

This is a question that you should never answer. I don’t care if one of her friends is smokin` hot with a great personality, all that she wants to hear is that you would never date one of her friends because they don’t even compare to her. Guys, if a girl says she is not going to be mad at the end of a question, then it is most likely that she is going to be pissed at the end of the question.

You can also try dodging the question, but this can be risky. Most women can remember exactly what they had asked and are very persistent. If you continue to ignore them, they are going to think you are afraid to answer their question because they won’t like the answer. This might lead to a fight, as well. The best solution is telling them what they want to hear because they are looking for some validation.

The reason why women ask loaded questions is because they want you to tell them they look beautiful. Women look to their friends for truth, and they turn to their boyfriend or husband for confirmation that their significant others still find them attractive.

Loaded questions aren’t about low self-esteem, they’re a test to see if you still find them attractive. So the next time that your girlfriend asks you if she is fat, remember what I have taught you.