Let’s Hear It

Every gender has their quirks that seem inexplicable to the opposite sex. This week, we’re making the fella’s fess up. So let’s hear it boys…

Why do guys get in fights after they’ve been drinking?!

“I don’t drink [but I think that it’s] built up aggression from previous conflicts. They find an excuse to fight.”junior Antonio Neal

Nobody wants to back down. Nobody wants to say that they were wrong. High ego.”sophomore Chad Warfield

“They like to feel tough.”freshman Matt Spaulding

“It’s just how some people are. Some people just like to fight and they use drinking as an excuse to do it.” sophomore Chris Handy

“Perhaps it’s a mating ritual. A desire to impress the opposite sex. Really, it’s just silly.” senior Matt Terlouw

“It’s an ego thing. Usually when people get intoxicated, it tends to make them much crazier.”sophomore Renauld Shelton

“Testosterone. There’s more flowing.”senior Adam Feurstenau

“Either a girl or some sort of ego, macho thing.”senior Jeff Wilkins