Dig it or Ditch it!

Dig It: A student body desiring physical fitnessDitch It: Mysterious “sweat funk” emanating from Cowles when said students congregate from poorly ventilated facilities in Cowles

Dig It: Clubbin’ with inexcusably attractive Navy Seals.Ditch It: Greedy fishermen who club baby seals.

Dig It: Upcoming blood drive sponsored by those hoping to save livesDitch It: Blood drive courtesy of pesky, Malaria-carrying mosquitoes

Dig It: Staying Friends with that ex who could still be your pal in 20 yearsDitch It: A continued relationship with Mr. or Ms. Jerkface who dumped you via a phone call from their mom

Dig It: ConcentrationDitch It: Constipation

Dig It: Richard PryorDitch It: Chalking Tires

Dig It: Thursday night, $8 all you can drink at The ZooDitch It: Friday Morning, wondering “who’d I talk to?”

Dig It: Chicken “Nug” day at the GrillDitch It: The mysteriously fickle appearance/disappearance of preferred salad bar items from Pfeiffer’s salad bar