…I Didn’t

by Mary HuffFreshman

It is a common misconception to always associate college with Greek life. I know before I came to college, I had thought a lot about joining a sorority. Everyone has seen the media’s version of it, good and bad. I thought it sounded like my plan. That was, until I actually got to campus.

I came to Simpson as a member of the cheerleading squad and quickly bonded with many of my dorm mates. I also became involved in working in the weight room and at school events, as well as a job off campus. So, when advertisements for recruitment came out it made me question: What is it that I will gain from a sorority?

Friendship? Already in progress. Philanthropy? I’m doing that, too.

If these are the main reasons for joining a sorority, then I’m really not missing anything.

Many Greek events are open to the entire campus, so even without being a member, I can still participate. In fact, I justified my final decision by looking at what else I could spend my time on. I find myself volunteering extra time to help out with school spirit events and have yet to find myself overwhelmed by the amount of schoolwork I have accumulated.

While sorority life may be what interests some people, it was not for me. Academics, promotion of school spirit and involvement are what I came to Simpson for. These will continue to be my focus as long as I remain here.