Our View

by Our View

An upcoming event will allow Simpson students a chance to debate the issues relevant in the upcoming election. One thing that cannot be debated is that Iowa is getting an undeniable focus due to the caucus frenzy. It’s hard for any student- no matter how tuned out- to ignore the constant adverstisements, news spots and campaigning of the politicians hoping to take the prize in January.

This debate is a positive note for a number of reasons. First of all, the event shows the ability for the College Republicans and Democrats to merge for a common purpose, if even just for a night, not to mention the fact that it will allow the recently-merged College Conservatives and Republicans to show their cohesiveness as a recently-formed group.

Another positive is that the event allows serves the purpose of showcasing the opposing sides of issues and letting the student body decide their personal view. Health care, veteran’s rights, college loans and renewable energy have been hot-button issues among the candidates- it will be interesting to see how our on-campus politcal afficianados deal with the topics.

The event shows the desire for these groups to discuss in an open forum matters that many on campus may not have thought- or understood- much about prior to their discussion. We just hope that the event earns more than the traditional forum-size turnout and that (political) apathy among students will not prevail.