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“How ’bout we compromise & start including more options from various ethnicities & KEEP the Cornerstone…then students have more to choose from. I wasn’t exactly jumping out of my desk for joy during an 8am western civilization lecture; however, Simpson is a LIBERAL ARTS college & I appreciated the additional perspective in my education. Not to mention, depending on who you talk to, there’s a Cornerstone they aren’t going to enjoy..”

Posted by: “Art Alum”In response to “Future of Cornerstones debated at recent forum event.” (11/08/07)

“It is a ?duty? of ours. We have a moral obligation to protest. NO we have a RIGHT to protest not a duty. I will not argue that we should be involved in out community weather it be local, state, regional or national. But to say that we have an obligation to protest and join a ?hippie? movement is absurd. So I suppose we also have an obligation to complain about others not respecting our beliefs and then purposely disrespecting others (California fanatics and the Catholic communion incident)

Posted by “Lyndon Hawkins” In response to “Students to take part in controversial protest at School of Americas”(11/08/07)

“I think that this is a very good article and well written. I have no quarrel with the article at all. But I would like to take this time to talk about the extreme secular progressive views displayed by Simpson. I believe that this is the second election year in a row that Simpson has presented a Democratic candidate. The number of liberals who are given the stage at Simpson is sickening. I don?t know if we want Simpson to become the next Columbia where we don?t respect the people that sacrifice their lives for us just so we can cheer their deaths.”

Posted by: “College Republican”In response to: “Clinton expels four main goals during recent campus visit” (11/08/07)

“As Simpson Forum director, it’s important to note that Simpson College does not seek to bring candidates of one party or faction to campus at the exclusion of others. The college’s policy is that our facilities will be available to candidates of all parties. Those candidates pay the same rental fees for holding events on campus as would any other political or nonpolitical group. The lack of Republican candidates on campus is not a reflection of “bias” on the college’s part but rather a demonstration that Republicans have not asked to use our facilities. We will be happy to host Republican candidates on campus at a time and date of their choosing, and we look forward to hearing from those campaigns”

Posted by: “Brian Steffen”In response to: “Clinton expels four main goals during recent campus visit” (11/08/07)

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