FlipSide Face

FlipSide Face

by Emily BeckmannStaff Writer

At the beginning of her first year, Stephanie Sic, visiting instructor of psychology, is enjoying her decision to leave her home state of Nebraska to teach at Simpson.

“It’s a beautiful campus,” Sic said. “The people were great that I interviewed with here. I really like the Liberal Arts Program, and Simpson has a very good Liberal Arts Program.”

Sic has also found herself very comfortable on Simpson campus due to the hospitality of the faculty and staff.

“It’s been a very easy transition,” said Sic. “I’ve had wonderful experiences with the faculty. So far I’ve had lots of lunch invites and e-mails; it’s been great. I was very impressed that everyone knew who I was, even at the beginning.”

Sic graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and currently teaches Introduction to Psychology, Theories of Adolescence and Cognitive Psychology.

Sic brings with her the ability to teach with an interactive classroom style.

“It is a mixture of discussion, PowerPoints and activities,” Sic said. “It’s more active than most. It’s fun to talk and learn at the same time.”

Students such as senior Alia Winterbottom also recognize and enjoy Sic’s hands-on teaching style.

“I really enjoy my class with her,” Winterbottom said. “I really like the different teaching strategies that she uses. I like being able to be active in class and being able to participate.”

While Sic does enjoy teaching and her Simpson students, she also likes to have free time to herself. Sic enjoys golfing, reading, shopping, talking with friends and watching football.

“I enjoy Husker football, which isn’t a big surprise to my students,” Sic said. “I’ve made it to all but one home game in the past three-or-four years.”

As a new professor on campus, Sic offers her advice to the Simpson students focusing on individual work.

“Always be proud of your own work,” Sic said. “It feels good to look back and say that was a good paper, I put forth good effort, and I tried hard.”