FlipSide Face

by Emily BeckmannStaff Writer

Freshman Jared Kemper didn’t have any trouble adjusting to life at Simpson when he moved from his small hometown of Sidney, Iowa.

“I adjusted well to life on campus,” Kemper said. “Simpson was so easy to get used to. I loved the people, and I just felt at home.”

Kemper fit right into the Simpson community, and chose Simpson because of its proximity to Des Moines and because of the people.

“I loved that Simpson was so close to Des Moines yet there was a small town feel,” said Kemper. “I fell in love with the campus because it was gorgeous. I met a lot of the music professors at music weekend, and I loved the people and campus.”

One of the things that Kemper enjoys most about Simpson is being able to get involved on campus.

“At Simpson, it’s just so easy to be involved,” said Kemper. “I’m in SGA, CAB, Band, Brass Quintet and SAE.”

Kemper looks back at his first year as a student, and one activity stands out as being his favorite on Simpson’s campus.

“My favorite activity on campus is probably SAE,” said Kemper.

“I feel like SAE gives me so many opportunities to learn how to be a better person. It provides a way to bond with campus, the community and with the guys in my fraternity. It’s what motivates me to do my best in order to make my brothers proud.”

Through being involved on campus, Kemper has met many students such as junior Stacia Weinman.

“Jared is a really nice guy, and he even looks like Zac Efron,” said Weinman. “He always has a smile on his face when I’ve been around him, and he’s an all-around good guy.”

Kemper has enjoyed his experience thus far at Simpson and offers the following advice to the freshman class for the future.

“Things may be hectic now, but keep going because, in the long run, Simpson will make us all better people,” Kemper said. “Keep working hard.”