With homecoming approaching, traveler still feels London calling

With homecoming approaching, traveler still feels London calling

Three weeks ago if you would have asked me if I was ready to go home, I probably would have said, “yes.”

Yes, I was ready for my own warm bed, a real meal, television and not having to mentally convert the cost of everything.

At that time, however, I had been living out of a backpack for two weeks and been staying in accommodations ranging from a tent in the middle of a horse arena in Germany to shady hostels in Rome. I didn’t exactly have the happiest mindset at times. Nonetheless, I’m now back in London, re-settled in and now I’m not ready to leave.

In London there is always something to do, somewhere to go or someone to see.

For example, one morning, on my way to class, I was sitting and reading the newspaper when I came across an ad for “Lions for Lambs” and a caption saying that its world premiere was in Leicester Square.

I went and ended up getting my picture with Tom Cruise and his autograph. It turned out that the London Film Festival was going on and the week was going to be full of movie premieres and red-carpet star experiences.

By the end of the week, I had my picture with John Cusack, Tom Cruise, Christian Bale, Jason Schwarzman and Adrian Brody.

The point is, not only was this a major film festival going on right in my backyard, but it was a spur-of-the-moment thing- not exactly something that can happen in Iowa.

In London, I can also go anywhere in the world. Inter-European flights are cheap, and at a moment’s notice I can go almost anywhere. For example, I just booked my ticket and hostel to visit Paris for this weekend. You can’t randomly decide to visit another country in Iowa, and, if you do, it’s going to cost you a little more than $80.

My classes in London are most definitely probably the easiest I will ever take in my entire life. With class for two hours on Tuesday and Thursday and four hours on Wednesday, I get a four-day weekend. I pretty much have the class thing made.

There’s also no drama in London. Well, at least a whole lot less. There’s no stress about classes, plus no drama with friends, activities, work or anything else.

But while all of these things have made London quite fabulous, I don’t want you to think I’m hating on Iowa or don’t ever want to come back.

I do miss my brothers of SAE and being able to come back and make a quesadilla after a night at Signature’s. I miss two-dollar movies, CAB meetings and knowing 90 percent of the people I walk by on my way to class.

I miss being able to drive 30 minutes home to get my laundry done for free, my car filled with gas and a little spending cash. I miss watching “America’s Next Top Model” marathons on MTV, Taco John’s and Coldstone Creamery.

So, while this city is amazing and I plan on living up my remaining 15 days, and I am admittedly not 100 percent excited about returning home. When the time comes, I’ll be ready,but London will now forever hold a special place in my heart.