New intramural sport sparks interest among students

by Carlie BealsStaff Writer

Yet another new intramural game has graced the campus of Simpson. A new intramural sport brings new participants, new skills required to compete, and new questions, especially by those who are interested in what Box Hockey is all about.

According to Nicole Darling, assistant director of student activities/intramurals director, Box Hockey is a fun sport that requires little athletic skill.

“It’s not hard to learn,” Darling said. “You just basically hit the puck into a hole.”

There is no better way to describe this new intramural activity than by using its name directly. Box Hockey is literally just that- hockey played on a box.

There is a board, two hockey sticks, and two holes at each end that serve as goals. The hockey sticks are small, with the head of each stick measuring three inches. The game is played on the floor and is an individual sport. Two people play at one time, and each try to get their puck past the other. The player who scores a goal wins!

“It’s pretty competitive,” Darling said. “People have an advantage if they have quick reflexes.”

According to the GLSports Web site (, a distributor of the Box Hockey game, “Box Hockey brings the thrill and excitement of real hockey into more confined play areas.” It also states that Box Hockey can be used for hockey training, as it encourages quick movement and control of the puck.

Darling said she first heard about the game at a National Intramural Recreation Sports Association Conference.

“We took three students with us [to the conference],” Darling said. “We’re just trying to get some different individual things out there, especially for those who don’t like to compete in team IM sports.”

For Sophomore Dylan Mick, this was one of the reasons he was interested in Box Hockey.

“What intrigued me about Box Hockey was that it was only an individual event,” Mick said. “That’s why I decided I would give it a try.”

As of Monday, there were currently seven people signed up for the Box Hockey tournament. Mick, along with sophomore Jon Sukut were two of the participants listed. Sukut said there were a couple of different reasons he decided to participate in this new tournament.

“It’s a new game and seemed like fun,” Sukut said. “It’s easy to play, very quick and intense.”

Mick agrees, also noting that it does not take a lot of athletic talent to play.

“What I liked about it is that it’s hockey with out having to be a skilled skater or anything like that,” Mick said. “It’s easy to learn and lots of fun, not to mention a good work out.”

Darling said another reason students might enjoy Box Hockey is because it is a one-night IM event. It is not a month-long commitment like many other IM sports require.

Both Mick and Sukut would encourage all those who enjoy intramurals to take advantage of this new game.

“I think it’s great to get involved in as many intramurals as possible,” Sukut said.

The next Box Hockey tournament will be Friday, Nov. 30. There is a sign-up sheet outside of Darling’s door, which is located in the BSC.