FlipSide Face

by Emily BeckmannStaff Writer

Be looking out on the court this season for senior and strong forward, Katelyn Whiton, who is in her fourth year on the Simpson women’s basketball team.

“I think we’re going to have a good season,” said Whiton. “We have already been practicing for one month. Everyone on the team has high goals and expectations for the team, which makes people want to go to practices and try harder to become a better team.”

While Whiton notices the high goals and expectations of the team, teammates such as junior Brenna Abel are also noticing these goals within Whiton herself.

“She really works hard because she knows where she wants to be and works hard to achieve what she wants,” said Abel. “She has high expectations not only for herself, but for our team as well.”

Whiton has really enjoyed getting to know her teammates by becoming an active member of the team.

“All of the teammates hang out together on and off of the court,” said Whiton. “Team chemistry is very good and very important. It’s nice knowing that you have friends that will be there for you and that will be lasting.”

Having a strong team bond is an asset to the team, but Whiton can’t seem to pin point her favorite part of being on the team.

“I don’t have one favorite part about basketball I have more than one- the friendships that are formed [and] the experiences that I have had have challenged me as an individual to become part of a team, and all of the winning experiences, such as going to the Sweet 16 Tournament in New York,” said Whiton.

While basketball consumes a lot of Whiton’s time off of the court, she also enjoys many other activities.

“I enjoy water skiing, golfing and hanging out with my friends and family,” said Whiton. “Basically other sports activities and just being outside and active.”

Being a business major, Whiton has high goals for the future.

“In the future, I want to get a job in finance or insurance to get some experience, and then I would like to go to graduate school in the next two-to-three years,” Whiton said.

Nearing the end of her academic career at Simpson, she offers the following bit of advice to all Simpson students.

“Remember to embrace the journey that we call life- even if it sometimes seems impossible and heartbreaking,” said Whiton. “We only get one shot.”