3 of a Kind: Area establishments offer French fries with flair

by Molly MishlerStaff Writer

Who do you think has the best French fries in town? Bet you can’t guess the greatest spots for that little piece of heaven.

Everyone knows fast food restaurants are a great place to get those fried potato wedges but it doesn’t mean they’re the best. You just know it will take a minute to receive your order and you’re out the door. Instead of going to the traditional French fry establishment, you could go to a little more up scale place like, Signature’s Grill, Cal’s Fine Food and Spirits or The Sports Page.

Signature’s Grill is what you could consider a nicer restaurant in town. They serve a wide variety of food and have the atmosphere of a café. The establishment looked clean and the server was very friendly and eager to make the customer happy. When the fries arrived they were skinny like a McDonald’s fry. The fries also had a coating on them that is similar to the coating you might see on a curly fry at a local Arby’s and that is exactly what they tasted like.

The fries were not my favorite. Had I been in the mood for curly fries, it would have been another matter. The price for the fries is $1.58, which is fairly expensive considering the portion size wasn’t very large.

From the title, you would think Cal’s Fine Food and Spirits would be a nice place. Sitting with a few of the locals at the bar, while I was waiting for the fries to come, it had the feel of a sports bar, minus the televisions with sports. The place seemed unclean but a good place for a laid back dinner. Seeing the server drink a beer along with the customers was the kicker.

When the fries were up, they looked long and thick with tons of potato filling. There was no salt or seasoning on them, so they were completely bland and boring. After a few, they had to be tossed in the garbage. $1.33 for a half portion of fries though was not a bad price for the amount of fries I received.

Walking into The Sports Page, I was expecting a restaurant similar to Cal’s, but was pleasantly surprised. Not only did it look clean, but also there were tons of tables, booths, and large televisions actually displaying different sporting events and news. The server was somewhat friendly but seemed distracted. When she brought me the fries, right away I could smell the seasoning. The fries are crinkle-shaped and they have a wonderful seasoning on them. The seasoning made the fries and they were by far the best out of the three places I tried. For the size of fries I received, $1.90 isn’t too bad of a price for the wonderful side.

Next time take you get the craving for that classic, the French fry, take a little extra time and drive to that local restaurant. You might be pleasantly surprised!