(Mis)Understanding the priorities of the male brain

(Mis)Understanding the priorities of the male brain

by Ashley GressFlipSide Editor

When it comes to relationships, guys and girls have differing opinions on what is important. Girls like holidays and anniversaries. They like to celebrate milestones such as the one-year anniversary and the first Valentine’s Day. Guys, on the other hand, just need to know if the relationship is working or not.

I was thinking about this difference and decided to ask my boyfriend if he remembered some particular milestones in our relationship.

I asked him if he remembered when we first met, and he did. I then asked if he remembered the first time he told me he loved me, and he had no idea. I, of course, remembered both dates.

Then, I asked him how many games his favorite football team had won this season, and he knew the right away. He could also tell me exactly how to play about 60 video games explaining all of the rules and secrets.

I was recently talking to a guy friend who had just gotten into a huge argument with his girlfriend because he couldn’t remember the date of their one-year anniversary. He later explained to me all the statistical reasons why he thought the Red Sox were going to win the World Series, which turned out to be true.

I asked why could he remember all of this information about a baseball team, but couldn’t remember the exact date he started dating his girlfriend. His response, “because baseball is important and an anniversary is just a date.”

I understand where guys are coming from. Men usually focus on the big picture and only focus on the details of activities that interest them, such as sports statistics and video games. Women focus on the details in everything they do- and that includes relationships.

My suggestion is to both genders. Women, I know it can be frustrating that you can remember every important detail in your relationship and your boyfriend can’t. Remember that just because he can’t remember where you went on your first date doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care, it just means that he doesn’t base the success of your relationship on dates. Keep that in mind the next time you get aggravated about your boyfriend’s lack of knowledge about your relationship.

Guys, I realize these details about your relationship seem insignificant, and you would much rather store sports statistics and video game knowledge in your brain than anniversary dates, but isn’t better to remember the date than have an hour-long fight with your girlfriend about why your relationship isn’t as important to you as it is to her. If your girlfriend wants you to remember your anniversaries and special occasions, do it. If you make your girlfriend happy, believe me she will make you happy in return.

In the end, both genders just need to remember the other’s feelings. Girls, just because guys can’t remember the exact date you started dating, doesn’t mean they stopped caring. Guys, try to remember that sports statistics won’t keep you warm at night, but your girlfriend will.