Our View

by Our View

It has been said that the upcoming election will be one of the most important our nation as ever seen. With the current state of the War in Iraq, the health care crisis and the problems with social security, this election will undoubtedly be pivotal in deciding where the country stands in four years.

As the state with the first caucuses in the country, Iowans hold a lot of responsibility showing the rest of the country who we think is the best candidate. The entire political system is counting on us on Jan. 3 to lead them in the direction we think best.

This leaves us with an immense responsibility, but also a huge opportunity.

How many of you have sat in the financial aid office with tears in your eyes, wishing against hope that someone would give you a break? How many of you turn on the news and feel like you’re watching a horror movie? Voting is how you change it.

“Sure,” you say, “I know what needs to be done, but no one ever listens to college students anyway.”

The solution is that this is the one place where they have to. Take advantage of Iowa’s relatively small voting base. In our caucuses, you really do have the power to sway a room.

This is the one opportunity for us to show older generations that we do have a voice, and we do know where we stand and we can change the course of the country.

Take a couple hours out of your night on Jan. 3 and go caucus. If you decide not to and your least-favorite candidate gets the vote, don’t say we didn’t tell you so. You can’t complain in your political science class that no one listens if you don’t open your voice to speak.