FlipSide Face

FlipSide Face

by Chelsie TownStaff Writer

Matt Gilbert has been a member of the Simpson men’s basketball team for four years. Prior to attending Simpson, Gilbert had been living in Waterloo.

“The Simpson College environment required adjustment for me because it was so different from my previous environment,” Gilbert said. “It took some time for me to comfortably be myself here on campus, and getting involved really was the catalyst for me to open up.”

Currently, Gilbert’s goal is to get an independent major in entrepreneurial studies.

“I really believe in not squandering my time,” Gilbert said. “So every day I am thinking and looking for new business opportunities and ideas that I may be able to capitalize on during my pursuit of my MBA.”

Perhaps Gilbert’s goal after college can be seen as a good indication of his character. With some big plans in the future, Gilbert hopes to help out the people who raised him.

“My ultimate goal is to provide myself with options for my family and in today’s world, money is one stimulus to do so,” Gilbert said. “Also, I really would like to serve others and do what I can to make an impact on other’s lives, and maybe one day write a book about my life.”

Looking back on his Simpson experience, Matt has learned a lot about himself and life.

“Going to college was not at the top of my list after high school,” Gilbert said. “Now I am thankful for my Simpson College experience because it has offered me many opportunities to learn and grow as a man. The one thing that I have learned [is] that the most comfortable environment is not that most advantageous one for an individual to grow and prosper.”

Born on St. Patrick’s Day, Gilbert always has a little bit of luck with him. On his arm there is a tattoo of his favorite quote by Thomas Jefferson.

“I am a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work the more I have of it!”