Three of a Kind: Coffee shop atmosphere satisfies cappuccino craving

by Danielle WallingStaff Writer

Having a cappuccino craving and not sure where to go? There are several places right here in Indianola to help you with your dilemma. I visited the local Casey’s, Holy Grounds in Dirlam Lounge in Smith Chapel, and Uncommon Grounds on The Square to compare prices, taste and the coffee shop atmosphere.


My first stop was Casey’s. If you are going with the “I’m a poor college student” approach when making purchases, Casey’s is the place for you. Since it is a gas station and not an actual coffee shop, it isn’t a place to meet up with friends for some leisure time and a nice cup of java.

All of your cappuccino choices are simply a button’s push away. Everything is mixed and comes in a few select flavors. This leaves you with a beverage that is warm and contains a hint of flavor. However, for the broke college student, the price is perfect. I was able to get 16 ounce for a mere $1.05. You can’t really beat prices like that.

2 of 5 stars

Holy Grounds

Next on the list was Holy Grounds. The nice thing about Holy Grounds is the accessibility. If you have some time between classes and need a place to warm up, Holy Grounds is a wonderful place to stop. The selection is much better than Casey’s and everything is made fresh: no bagged mixes being poured into a machine. Not only do they offer choices for coffee, there is also a small selection of food, teas and smoothies.

If atmosphere is what you’re looking for, Holy Grounds has more of a coffee shop feel. Complete with couches, pillows and tables, it is the perfect place to do some reading or homework. Considering it hasn’t been above 10 degrees in about a week, the fireplace is also a very enjoyable asset.

While not as cheap as Casey’s, a pit stop at Holy Grounds is not going to break the bank. A 12-ounce cappuccino was $2.25 and there is nothing on the list of choices that goes above $4.

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Uncommon Grounds

My final destination was Uncommon Grounds on The Square. This was, by far, my favorite location. Walking in the door, I noticed people scattered about the shop chatting or reading the newspaper. There was soft rock playing in the background and everyone seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves. I was greeted by the staff and impressed by the selection.

Not only is there a nice selection of coffee choices, there is also a wide selection of food. You can get sandwiches, cake, muffins and giant cinnamon rolls. The shop is decorated in muted colors and provides a very calming atmosphere. However, the prices aren’t the most accommodating to the average college student. For $2.48 I was only able to get an 8-ounce cappuccino.

4 of 5 stars

The Winner is….

The next time the urge for coffee strikes you, think carefully of what you are looking for as far as choice and atmosphere. For me, Uncommon Grounds is the place to go for great selection and a relaxing environment. The price was worth the environment and taste.