CAB creates new positions, opportunities for students

by Emili JohnsonStaff Writer

The Campus Activities Board will be making some changes this semester, adding new officer positions in the organization.

CAB, known for weekend Stormy Nights, Hump Day Ha’s and Bingo, has been talking for several months about delegating new responsibilities to students who are up for the job.

Rich Ramos, CAB adviser and assistant dean of students, said one of the main reasons the organization decided to add new positions was to structure the group to work more efficiently.

“It’s to provide other leadership positions for other students,” Ramos said. “Hopefully, we will empower more students and take us to the next level of where we need to be as an organization.”

CAB will be opening up four new positions, three of which will be co-chair positions expected to be up for grabs in the next few weeks.

The positions include a chair who will be selecting comedy acts to bring to campus and a concert chair who will bring up-and-coming artists and bands to campus.

A special events chair will also be added whose main focus will be coordinating campus favorites such as Bingo, midnight meals and karaoke at Signatures.

Lastly, CAB will open a position for marketing director who will oversee all communications and promotions for the organization. With these new positions, CAB hopes to get more people involved and bring new ideas for campus entertainment.

“The more people that have input in something and the more people that feel as though they have more of a contributing force to something, the better the outcome will be and the better product we are going to put out,” Ramos said.

Sophomore Amanda Yanchury, co-president of CAB, is happy to see the new opportunities given to students who are interested in the group.

“I think that if someone has an expertise in a certain position, they can thrive and we could give them opportunity to do so.” Yanchury said.

Yanchury said that these positions will also help bring more awareness to the campus about different events and when they happen. She also hopes people will view the elections as an opportunity to work with a laidback group of people.

“I want to encourage everyone to do it,” Yanchury said. “They look good on your resume and it’s experience and it’s on campus; it’s going to be a learning process for everyone.”

As for the laidback environment, Ramos emphasized how important it is for people to know that CAB is an organization that is open to the entire campus and not just a select few people.

“We try to do stuff for the greater good of campus,” Ramos said. “We are ready and willing to change all the time and we have to be.”

Lindsey Hunzelman, assistant director of student activities and greek life coordinator, is very supportive and excited about the new positions and feels they will take CAB in the right direction for the future.

“[CAB] has a great deal of structure and that has worked for them,” Hunzelman said. “Now, we can really take some pressure off the co-presidents and they can truly act as presidents and delegate responsibilities to others.”

Hunzelman, who is also a CAB adviser, feels these installments to the organization will have lasting long-term effects and is happy to see more opportunities given to more people.

“I see CAB as an organization where people are beating down the door to be a part of and in my mind that is a positive thing,” Hunzelman said.