Wellness Fair provides helpful information to Simpson community

On Friday Jan. 30, Simpson College will be hosting its annual Wellness Fair from 11-2 p.m. in the Hopper Gymnasium.

Vendors from both Indianola and throughout Iowa will be there to give out information to keep students up to date on health services available to the Simpson Community. It will be open to all of the faculty, staff, students and the Indianola community. This is the fourth year for Wellness Fair.

“We want to get the faculty and students to learn more about being healthy,” Bob Nutgrass, professor of physical education and head tennis coach, said.

Nicole Darling, student activities/intramural director and coordinator of this year’s fair, hopes the fair will be fun and useful to the Simpson students.

“We’re trying to make connections between the community and Simpson,” Darling said. “We benefit from them, they benefit from us and this allows for students to utilize the services that the community has to offer.”

The Wellness Fair was organized by the Balance Life Committee. This committee works on finding various topics to address on a monthly basis.

Faculty involved with the committee include Stephanie Krauth, associate director of students, Nurse Rita Audlehelm, Ellie Olson, director of counseling services, Director of Security Chris Frerichs and Assistant Nurse Michelle Cross.

The committee worked as a group to organize and brainstorm what ideas to bring to the fair and which vendors to invite.

Olson and part of the committee believes the fair is a great way for students to find out ways they can help themselves.

“I feel it’s important to promote a healthy lifestyle,” Olson said. “The fair is a great way to get a lot of information at once, not just in physical health, but mental, and spiritual health.”

There will be informational handouts, free items, and brochures from the local and statewide vendors. There will also be a variety of free services.

A few of the vendors present from the Indianola community will include Drees Family & Sports Chiropractic, Warren County Health Services, and Fitness World West, but many others will be present as well.

Some highlights will include massages, raffles, healthy snacks and free helpful information. A martial arts demonstration will be given from the Palazzo Martial Arts Studio, as well.

“College tends to be a time when people start to develop unhealthy lifestyles,” Olson said. “Eating on the go, not eating a balanced diet and so many things about college life often distracts us from not getting the sleep we need.”

Senior Megan Crawford also believes the fair is very beneficial to the Simpson community. Crawford, who hopes to one day become a research/clinic physician in immunology, agrees that it can be a difficult time to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially for college students. She says that many times we lack a regular routine and have to live with others with bad habits whether we choose to or not.

“I am a firm believer in preventative care” Crawford said. “If people live a healthy lifestyle, then they won’t have to come see me later.”