Senior finds excitement in D.C., kindness in Iowa

Senior finds excitement in D.C., kindness in Iowa

by Chelsie TownStaff Writer

As students, it may be difficult to get involved with politics and elections. However, for senior Kayla Burkhiser, politics is a passion that she feeds daily.

Burkhiser currently works as a clerk for Herman Quirmbach, senator for District 23 in the Iowa house. As much as she is involved in Iowa, Burkhiser is missing the excitement she experienced during her internship in Washington, D.C, last semester.

“Washington is a great city to be in if you’re young and passionate,” Burkhiser said.

Aside from the amazing culture and historic site-seeing, Burkhiser also appreciated the people that composed the busy city.

“I loved that nearly everyone was involved, in some way or another, with politics or world affairs,” Burkhiser said. “I could always count on lively conversations with random strangers.”

When away from Simpson, Burkhiser admits she missed the simplicity and hospitality of a small community.

“Leaving Iowa made me realize what a comfortable place it has become for me and how you can’t find the general kindness of Iowans anywhere.” Burhkhiser said.

Burhkhiser loves to travel, and believes in taking advantage of the great trips Simpson offers. Burkhiser has atraveled to Costa Rica, Mexico, Denver, and Washington, D.C., and is planning a trip to China planned this May,

“I want to see the world, and what better time to do it than while I’m in college, with no real tie-me-down commitments,” Burkhiser said. “Also, all of my trips have had a quasi-political, social justice feel, which has helped define me and given me direction in my life.”

While Burkhiser believes that there are many great groups on campus to raise awareness and support political issues, she sees some areas that could be improved.

“Generally I’ve found the campus, besides a small minority, to be pretty apathetic, but I hope that will change as we get closer to the general elections,” Burkhiser said. “I know that many people see politics as a painful process, but the issues that are discussed affect us on a daily basis. People should use their voice in matters that concern them and the people they care about.”