Fool’s Gold’: Hunting for plot, finding eye candy

by Danielle WallingStaff Writer

Having seen “National Treasure” and finding that movie rather amusing, I was slightly disappointed by the also treasure-seeking movie, “Fool’s Gold.” That said, it was exactly what I expected: very little plot and lots of eye candy.

The movie starts out with Benjamin Finnegan, aka “Finn” (Matthew McConaughey, “We Are Marshall”) and his friend scuba diving and sucking up large amounts of sand through giant hoses attached to their very dinky boat. The next thing you see is a piece of paper catch fire and consequently, starting the entire boat on fire. The boat sinks to the bottom of the ocean, but neither character realizes it until they arrive at the surface and can’t seem to find their boat anywhere.

Right off the bat, Finn looks like an idiot and that theme is prevalent throughout the movie. Finn is a character who doesn’t learn from his mistakes, gets in trouble with the wrong crowd and is obsessed with treasure; not exactly a great combination.

His wife, Tess, (Kate Hudson, “You, Me and Dupree”) also disapproves of his irresponsible nature and starts out her role in the movie by getting a divorce. Tess is quite opposite from Finn. She is intelligent, well-educated and dedicated. However, she also possesses the same desire for finding treasure. For her though, it is more of the search that is important.

Finn has managed to get himself into financial trouble with a man, Bigg Bunny (Kevin Hopp, “Barbershop”), who owns the island where the Queens Dowry, 40 chests containing treasure, was lost at sea in 1715. After Finn sinks the boat and Bigg Bunny discovers Finn is no good for the money he lent him, Finn is chained to an anchor and thrown off a boat in the middle of the ocean. Of course, you cannot kill off Matthew McConaughey, and you certainly cannot do it within the first half hour of a movie. He manages to escape by bouncing around on the bottom of the ocean and shooting off the lock tying him to the anchor.

Tess reenters the picture when her billionaire boss (Donald Sutherland, “Dirty Sexy Money”) finances Finn’s search. Together, the estranged couple, billionaire boss, his annoyingly ignorant daughter and a couple of homosexual cooks set out on the find of a lifetime.

While the plot was not difficult to follow, it wasn’t entirely bad. To be honest, it was not a bad way to spend a couple of hours. Ladies, Matthew McConaughey spends more than half the movie without a shirt. For the gentlemen, there are a few scantily clad women walking around on the deck of a boat and the beach.

Since the movie was filmed in the Bahamas and Australia, the scenery was absolutely amazing and I found myself wishing I could jump into the film. The water is so clear and blue and sunsets were unlike anything I have ever seen. If you’re a person who loves an amazing view, this film has plenty of that for you.

Even though “Fool’s Gold” wasn’t the best movie I have ever seen, there is something to say for the subplots. The movie isn’t just about finding treasure; there is a lot to be said for the importance it puts on relationships and the idea of pursuing a dream.

The film shows that relationships are important to finding yourself and that you should appreciate the people you have in your life. It also shows that with a little hard work and dedication, you can achieve almost anything.

Was it the best treasure-seeking movie ever made? Of course not. If anything, it is worth a shot to get a few laughs, and it can never hurt to watch Matthew McConaughey without a shirt.