Storm athletes break individual records, keep team goals in sight

by Tim Lone

Amid a typical Iowa winter, the snow isn’t the only thing has been falling. This season three major individual records have been broken for basketball players on both the men’s and women’s teams.

Junior forward David Ferezy broke the school record for career blocks, with a block against Loras on Jan. 26. Ferezy eclipsed the old record of 147, set in 1992 by Carl Brack. Ferezy said that prior to him breaking the record, his father was the one that made him aware of just how close he was to breaking Brack’s record.

“My dad called me and told me that I was tied with him [Brack],” Ferezy said. “I knew I was getting close, but he’s the one that made me aware of it.”

While talking about where his record falls in terms of his accomplishments, Ferezy said that the individual accomplishments don’t mean much when you compare it to what the team wants to accomplish. Ferezy jokingly added that there is one thing he would take in place of the record.

“I would trade it all in if I could just make a three in a game,” Ferezy said.

Senior center Ashley Katch became the first player in school history-male or female-to record a triple double by turning in 17 points, 11 rebounds and 10 blocked shots against Dubuque on Feb. 2. Katch said she was not even aware of what she’d accomplished until the announcer made the crowd aware of her feat.

“I had no idea [about breaking the record],” Katch said. “As I was running off the court I heard them announce it, and then all my teammates congratulated me up in the locker room so it was fun.”

Katch isn’t the only women’s basketball player that’s been breaking records this season. Senior forward Katelyn Whiton now holds the school record for career field goal attempts. Whiton eclipsed the old record of 1,136 career attempts by Laurie Sankey, set in 1985. Whiton said that she was unaware and stunned that she was close to breaking the record, considering all the great past players Simpson has had.

“I was surprised just because I know how many great players Simpson has had in the past,” Whiton said. “It’s a neat accomplishment, but I’d rather have better team accomplishments.”

Whiton said her biggest goals right now are for the team to improve on their Sweet 16 appearance in the National Collegiate Athletic Association Tournament last season, as well as improve on their Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Tournament appearance last year, where the team bowed out in the second round.

“I think our biggest goal as a team is just to make it further than we did last year,” Whiton said. “Not just in the NCAA Tournament but in the conference tournament as well.”

Katch made similar comments to Whiton’s, saying that, although individual accomplishments are nice, team accomplishments are a little higher on the team’s list of priorities.

“I would hope to at least win the conference tournament and go far in the NCAA Tournament,” Katch said. “It’s not just about my individual goals, it’s about what the team can do. I think we have a lot of potential.”