5 Questions with Jan Everhart

5 Questions with Jan Everhart

by Melissa FathStaff Writer

Jan Everhart, assistant professor of religion, has been teaching at Simpson since 2003. Everhart was born in Cambridge, England, while her parents were pursuing their degrees. Then, when Everhart was two years old, her family decided to move to California where she attended the University of California and lived there until the age of 21. She then decided to move to New Jersey, where she enrolled in seminary.

Later, Everhart went on to obtain her Ph.D. through the joint program between the University of Denver and the Iliff School of Theology.

Now, as the assistant professor of religion at Simpson, she works with programs including the Lilly Initiative. She is also involved with pre-ministry, and the Wesley Woods scholarship program.

She enjoys spending her free time on her farm, where she and her partner raise their pet sheep. She also has a llama who she says helps care for them.

“[The llama] helps protect my sheep,” Everhart said.