Semi-Pro’ lacks in depth but makes up in humor

Semi-Pro lacks in depth but makes up in humor

by Melissa FathStaff Writer

This past weekend, a new set of basketball stars, The Flint Tropics, hit the big screen to strut their stuff out on the court. The main character, Jackie Moon, is played by Will Ferrell, who gained his fame during his career on SNL, and is also known for such movies as “Elf” and “Anchorman.”

Directed by Kent Alterman and produced by Jimmy Miller, Semi-Pro was No. 1 in the box office last weekend. It is Will Ferrell’s latest sports comedy since “Talladega Nights” and “Blades of Glory.” Other featured stars include teammates Andre Benjamin (best known as being a member of the group “Outkast,”) Woody Harrelson, (“No Country For Old Men”) and Maura Tierney (“E.R.”) who plays, Lynn, the assistant coach’s girlfriend.

“Semi-Pro” takes place in the 70s. Jackie Moon is the owner of his own ABA team, which he hopes will go pro. Moon not only coaches, but is also a player on his own team which he funded with revenue from his hit song, “Love Me Sexy.”

The ABA is merging with the NBA, and The Flint Tropics are forced to fight for their team. Since they are the worst team in the ABA league, they must first face their biggest challenge–they must learn to win their games. If they don’t, they will be forced to quit.

As owner of the team, he gives them every last ounce of his time, energy and creativity in search of a way to help improve their game before they are disqualified from competing. The one thing he doesn’t know how to do is coach basketball. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep his team out on the court, even if it means getting another coach.

In order for Moon to keep his team playing, he must gain the viewership of 2,000 people. Therefore, he is willing to go to extremes to keep his basketball dreams alive. He will do anything to gain viewers–from having his players wear makeup to dressing them up as seahorses and flamingos.

Jackie faces huge challenges gaining basketball viewership for his team, but definitely doesn’t have a problem getting the attention of his own fans with his hit song which he sings for his viewers in the first scene. As Ferrell dances around in a huge ‘fro, wearing “short shorts” in the very first scene, one might start to wonder if they can stand his sexiness.

“Semi-Pro” is full of one-liners, innuendo and crude jokes, which is why it is rated R. Personally, I would give it three stars because it’s so silly that it’s funny. The story line is quite cheesy yet hysterical at the same time. You never know what’s going to happen. Who knows, Ferrell might even wrestle a bear.