Our View

by Our View

After enduring a long and heated debate among the faculty, the decision to add the Master’s of Criminal Justice program to Simpson was finally passed this week.

While we think that many issues still need to be decided and closely considered, we believe the decision is a wholly step toward a better future for Simpson.

One of the main arguments brought by faculty was the addition of the program would fundamentally change Simpson’s liberal arts tradition. Another was that the decision would open the floodgates for more departments to add master’s programs to their majors.

We agree that some sort of requirements and limitations may have to be put in place. How far Simpson wants to go toward becoming a graduate school, and just what requirements should be put in place. Proposals of additional programs will have to be carefully thought out in the years to come.

We do think, however, that the Master’s of Criminal Justice lies in accordance with what Simpson’s main objective seems to be. Our liberal arts education stresses the ethical and compassionate treatment and interaction with every person we encounter. It seems only logical that a Master’s of Criminal Justice program would help us to achieve that goal.

Aside from the benefits to students already attending Simpson, it will also draw a large number of additional students. This will in turn bring more tuition money and more recognition for the school in general.

Sure, this will change the way Simpson looks as a college. We will continue to move further away from being just an undergraduate liberal arts college. Change and growth is expected of the students that attend Simpson. It only goes to reason that the college will have to do the same.