Procrastination Nation

Spring break is finally here, procrastinators, and it’s pretty safe to say everyone is ready to get away from classes and academics for the week.

Still, while many people are jetting off to exotic locations and warmer locales, some of us will have no choice but to stay in the Midwest, the place where winter seems to have taken up a permanent residence. While the week of freedom will be a welcome break regardless of the location, as soon as the respite is over, those of us who didn’t go to Cabo or Cancun will be regaled by beach tales of those who did.

That’s why, this week, you can procrastinate your time on the Net while at the same time practicing how it feels to sit idly while those who have traveled the world tell you their stories. At, people from all around the world will randomly update you on their current status, as a spinning globe spans the world, showing what people from Pittsburgh to South Paulo have to say about their current state of being.

While at first glance it may seem an oddity enjoyed by global peeping toms, even the most self-involved procrastinator can easily find themselves wasting hours of their precious spring break just watching the site’s globe spin details of the lives of random strangers.