Theatre major lives life with gusto

Theatre major lives life with gusto

by Chelsie TownStaff Writer

As students, most of us have attended or at least heard about the many productions that Simpson’s Theatre Department puts on. To be part of the audience is entertaining for most, but for Senior Angela Vogel, participation on and off stage is key.

“I wanted to be able to perform and participate in an active theatre program,” Vogel said. “I chose Theatre Simpson because it gave me the opportunity to act, design and expand myself as a theatre artist.”

Theatre Simpson has definitely been an active part of Vogel’s life at college. She has performed in 10 shows and held stage manager, dramaturg, makeup/hair and lighting designer positions for various productions. Some more of her off-scene theatre work includes three years of undergrad assisting for audience services and Alpha Psi Omega, the national theatre fraternity.

With a major in theatre and a minor in English, Vogel plans to attend graduate school to earn her Master of Fine Arts Degree in acting. While she is still in the deciding on her graduate school selection, Vogel’s ultimate goal is to act professionally.

Vogel’s time at Simpson continues to teach her a lot about independence and herself.

“I am a fairly stressful, emotional person because I am very passionate about everything I do, but I still like to have a good time,” Vogel said. “It’s important for me to do everything to the best of my ability, even if it means pulling my hair out sometimes.”

This determined attitude has taught Vogel a valuable lesson that many college students learn the hard way: the importance of time management. With motivation and hard work, Vogel is continuing to succeed in her acting career, and maybe this is the first article of many to come for the aspiring actress.