LGBTQA: More than what you think

LGBTQA: More than what you think

There are a lot of different groups available for students–Greek life, athletics, religious organizations and those that promote diversity and cultural awareness.

All of these give students the opportunity to become leaders in the community. I have chosen for the last three years to be involved in The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Allies. LGBTQA showed me how to lead and opened my eyes to something that was bigger than me.

I have always thought an open mind will encourage people to try something different. This organization has encouraged me to change my way of thinking and also showed me how to be a leader.

Let’s face it–the issue of homosexuality is one everyone has an opinion on. Some wish for others to live their lives the way they want while others think homosexuality is a sin against their religion.

But there is more to this group than a political discussion. It is about gaining acceptance and support from our fellow students, staff, faculty and administration.

If there is one thing I want people to know before I graduate and leave this fine institution is LGBTQA is not what you think. It is not a bunch of gay and lesbian and bisexual students getting together and doing…gay things. It is not a group where you have to be categorized under one of the letters in the acronym to be a member and it is not an organization that should be taken lightly.

Simply, it is an organization of people–very cool people I might add–that want to change the world so we all can have a better future. This has been an organization that wants to open the campus up for discussion. LGQTGA is based on the idea that nothing should ever be taboo and the only way to understand the unknown is to talk about it.

Another thing that many do not know or understand about the LGBTQA is that we are not out to force our ideas and thoughts on people. The last thing the world needs is people preaching what they believe to one another. We need an open dialogue and to get to a level of understanding with one another.

So, what is this thing that is bigger than me? It is the idea that through a group of people that have been oppressed and mistreated so much in our own social history, I have never met a group so open to other ideas, people and beliefs. I truly feel as thought there was some kind of cosmic force that led me to this group. It changes my life because it made me remember that everyone has a purpose and that everyone has the right to lead the life of their choice.

LGBTQA is a group that is based on the ideas of advocacy and I personally want people to realize that this group is here to be the voice for those who do not wish to speak. It is an organization that will make people reconsider how they see the world and society. That is what was bigger than me and that is what I will always remember about LGBTQA.