Signatures grill closes

by Sarah KellerStaff Writer

As of April 3, 2008, Signatures Grill closed and was sold to new owners.

According to Sophomore Amanda Yanchury, CAB co-president, the restaurant has been trying to close down for almost a year now.

According to the previous owner, the reason the restaurant sold is because they have been having some financial issues. CAB is unsure if the new restaurant will hold karaoke nights anymore.

Many students have wondered what is to become of their Saturday nights, and if there will be something implemented in the place of Signatures karaoke nights.

According to Yanchury, CAB is looking to find a new place for students on Saturday nights.

“We may look into talking to some other businesses about options that would be similar to what we had at Signatures,” Yanchury said. “We are also in the process of brainstorming ideas about alternative events we could host during that time.”

Sophomore Sara Crouse, CAB marketing director, says CAB has brainstormed a few ideas for next year.

“We are thinking about having buses that can take students to Jordan Creek, or different locations in Des Moines, such as clubs,” Crouse said. “There is just no other business in Indianola that we could go to for karaoke nights.”

According to freshman Liz Hobbs, a member of CAB, Signatures was a safe environment for students to come together and be safe on the weekends.

“Signatures was an alternative for students who didn’t drink to come together on a Saturday night,” Hobbs said. “Or if you did drink it was a safer environment because you were together in a big group and you had people to watch you.”

Many students are sad about the decision to close Signatures.

Freshman Greg Rhoulhac is disappointed about the decision to close Signatures and he knows a lot of his friends are as well.

“I’m mad that they closed,” Rhoulhac said. “My friends keep complaining about it, and they enjoyed going there because it was a place for them to hang out on the weekends.”

Other students don’t feel that the closing is quite so negative.

“I don’t really care that Signatures closed,” senior Kyle McManus said. “It was basically a place for underage kids to go because no other bar would let them in.

According to Crouse, CAB plans on sending more surveys out to students to get their input on what they would be interested in doing next year as an alternative to karaoke nights at Signatures.

“The one thing we know as of now is that the owner does not plan on holding karaoke nights for Simpson students next year,” Crouse said. “We have e-mailed surveys out to students to see what they would like to do as an alternative next year.”