Students vote to elect SGA members

Students vote to elect SGA members

Student Government Association elections recently took place and new members officially transitioned into their new offices Wednesday, April 9.

Rich Ramos, assistant dean for student activities, said the election process is fairly simple. The students fill out a form indicating which position they are interested in running for. The positions include student body president, student body vice president, class president or one of four senator positions under each class. Each class then votes electronically for their class president and senators, along with student body president and student body vice president.

“The number of students who voted was very, very good,” Ramos said. “Our percentages are vastly higher than most other schools across the country in student government elections based upon the results from a national student government organization. Our voting numbers are really pretty high and very good for us.”

The newly elected SGA members include freshman Steven Ramsey, sophomore class president, and sophomore senators Greg Rhoulhac, Macy Koch, Laura Reid and Jared Kemper.

Representatives for the junior class include sophomores Bailey Harris, junior class president, and junior senators Jamie Corey, Allison Lane, Drew Riebhoff and Amanda Yanchury.

The representatives for the upcoming senior class include current juniors Matt Olson, senior class president, and senior senators Sarah Lefeber, Clinton Bradfield, Kirk Balm and Kendra Frush.

Junior Kyle Liske will serve as the student body president and junior Andrew Reid as the student body vice president.

Laura Reid served on SGA this past year as freshman class senator and decided to run again to serve her constituents.

“I ran again because I felt that I could express the concerns of my constituents to the senate and ask questions to help clarify information that may have confused those who might have heard about it, especially freshman who do not know all the workings of the school yet,” Reid said. “I hope to continue to serve my constituents diligently, but also to create new ideas that can better serve my class and the college as a whole.”

Frush has not served on SGA previously but decided to run to get involved on campus.

“I decided to run for student government because I wanted to get involved on campus in a new way and I am interested in all of the changes that are currently taking place or coming up at Simpson,” Frush said. “I hope to be influential in making decisions that will benefit Simpson and its students.”

Kemper served as freshmen class senator this past year and said that he hopes to make sure changes are made to Simpson for the better.

“I was on student government this past year and felt as though I helped make an impact on Simpson’s campus,” Kemper said. “I truly wanted the opportunity to keep involved in getting my class’ and all students’ voices heard.”

Ramsey also served on SGA this past year and wishes to carry on many of the projects he started this school year.

“I want to continue on my current path of bettering the technology here on campus,” Ramsey said. “I also want to continue to watch over the LPWG curriculum changes. I want to continue to keep student relations good with the administration and also the city of Indianola through constant contact with the Mayor of Indianola and President Byrd.”

Ramsey also has high hopes for next year’s group.

“I also want to redefine what it means to be on SGA,” Ramsey said. “I want SGA to continue on the path of this year, in increasing its’ activity and involvement of the student populous.”

Ramos praised this year’s efforts made in SGA and hopes that it continues next year.

“I think that [SGA] made some amazing strides this year and tackled a lot of issues,” Ramos said. “They did really good at stepping up and being an active participant in the campus. They want to be more than looked at as just a funding organization and as an active participant in the campus. I hope that it continues next year as well.”