Christian rock band performing this Saturday

by Melissa FathStaff Writer

This Saturday night, High Flight Society, a Christian rock band from Cedartown, Ga., will be performing at Simpson at 7 p.m. In addition, Scott England will be the opening act.

Since the show is sponsored by the Religious Life Community and CAB, admission will be free. However, any donations will be contributed to the “Nothing But Nets” campaign, a program designed to help to raise money for purchasing nets in countries where Malaria can be deadly.

The poor of Africa cannot often afford to purchase a net to keep the mosquitoes off them at night and protect them from Malaria. By donating, students can help contribute towards purchasing a net to help keep people safe from the swarms of mosquitoes found throughout Africa.

Senior Tracy Robson, who is actively involved with RLC, is excited to see a Christian rock band coming to play on campus. According to Robson, the concert will not only be open to Simpson students, but also the public, including youth groups in the area. Robson hopes that there will be a good crowd.

“We are accepting a free-will donation, every $10 will purchase a net,” Robson said. “We invited youth groups from around town and we’re trying to promote it.”

Junior Jasmine Crosser has been a part of the Christian Concert Committee and was the student who initially decided to have High Flight Society come to campus. She is very excited to have them playing.

“I like that this band has a rock feel,” Crosser said. “I also like that they are genuinely nice guys trying to make a living doing what they love. They are pretty popular in Guatemala and will be down there April 3 through 10 performing and working with youth.”

Chapel Intern Sarah Burton is also a member of Christian Concert Committee and was glad to be able to recommend Scott England as an opener for High Flight Society. England is a personal friend of hers.

“[I] jumped at the opportunity to bring his band to Simpson,” Burton said. “Their faith is foremost in their lives. The Scott England Band is a group of great guys.”

Burton first met England while chaperoning a service trip to Long Beach, Miss., to aid with the clean-up after Hurricane Katrina in the summer of 2006. There, England was her worship leader and they have remained good friends ever since. Sometimes England and his band play for Sarah’s hometown church.

“We wanted a band with strong faith and good morals,” Crosser said. “[They are] not like what you see on TV.”

For more information about High Flight Society, check out their Myspace page at where they have available a list of their performances throughout the year. You may also call 641-330-7720 for more information.