Real Greek experience isn’t quite like the movies

Real Greek experience isnt quite like the movies

by Drew RiebhoffLifestyles Editor

Wild parties. Paddles. Crazy initiation rituals. Backstabbing and scandalous events seem to be the core of any movie or television show revolving around the Greek community. Sure, the Greeks can throw some great parties, and like everywhere, there is minor drama. But the truth is, movies like “Animal House” or “Old School” don’t really portray the true Greek community.

As recruitment draws near, anticipation and excitement swells on both sides of the process. Current Greek members are busy prepping for the week of activities. Those going through recruitment have a million questions running through their heads. Should I even go Greek? What will my friends say? Am I going to get hazed?

Going through formal recruitment and joining a fraternity has easily been one of the best decisions I’ve made during my Simpson career, rivaled only by the decision to spend a semester in London my sophomore year.

Going Greek gives you a new kind of family. A family that, unlike the one back home, you get to choose. This family is ready to celebrate with you when it’s your birthday or something awesome happens and ready to let you vent when you have a day that absolutely sucks.

This family has your back. I recall a time earlier this semester, when I thought someone had said something nasty about me. I was furious about it. The next thing I knew, I had three of my brothers tracking down the alleged offender. Turns out, it was just a miscommunication, but I felt loved knowing that these guys were all ready to throw it down for me.

Greek life helps you meet new people. Not only are you going to make friends with fellow Greeks during exchanges and Greek Week events, but you’re also going to make non-Greek friends as well. People come down to visit their friends at your house, and you become friends with them too.

Becoming Greek gives you a chance to become part of something bigger than yourself or Simpson. When you go through the initiation ceremony or learn the handshake of your chapter, you know something that only select people around the world know. It creates a connection with a perfect stranger.

While at a conference in St. Louis I ran into a guy wearing my fraternity letters. I instantly knew a bit about him. I knew he knew the handshake, recited the same chapter creed and that he was an alright guy.

Going Greek gives you a 24-hour kitchen! It doesn’t sound like the most important thing, but it’s another chance to bond with my brothers. Having an actual meal together twice a day gives me the chance to sit, talk and chill with the guys.

I could make a laundry list of things going Greek has given me; the fun nights out, the philanthropy projects, and the adventures we’ve had at smalltown football games. I could list off names of famous alumni from my house and the connections I now have. But none of these fully describe what I’ve gotten from becoming Greek.

I’m not going to pretend that Greek life is for everyone, but I encourage you to give it a shot. Go through recruitment and meet the men and women of Simpson’s Greek community. You never know. You may find the house that becomes your home on campus. Then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.