Fitness classes promote healthy lifestyle

by Tyler LarsonStaff Writer

The need to stay active is a hot topic at Simpson. That’s why the intramurals and activities department has provided its students, staff and the public with four exercise classes to participate in.

Turbo Kickboxing/Hip Hop Hustle, Yoga and Step Aerobics are once again offered in Camp Lounge at various times Monday through Friday, while the new Bike and Treadmill class is offered Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 – 10 a.m. in Cowles Fieldhouse.

“It is a fun way to stay fit and be healthy without being on a team or having competition,” Nicole Darling, assistant director of student activities/intramurals, said. “There has been a lot of interest in aerobic activity at Simpson College, so we decided to give the students a variety of opportunities.”

Intramural Council members, including senior Carrie Cavanaugh, team up with Darling to come up with ideas to promote healthy lifestyles.

“We wanted a variety of group cardio workouts for everyone,” Cavanaugh said. “So far yoga and step seem to be the most popular.”

Yoga allows your body to get a complete workout focusing on your center energy, and it also helps tone your muscles. Yoga is taught by Charlotte Shnurman, whose son and daughter attend Simpson College.

The other popular class is Step Aerobics. According to senior Chelsea Burns, who instructs the class, step aerobics will bring your heart rate up and keep you moving to the beat of music.

“Step is a new and fun way to get students active and is a way for a good cardio workout,” Burns said. “It is more intense than you think, and it gets you to sweat to death.”

So far all the members of the class have been girls, but Burns is still impressed with her turnout.

“We are actually out of room right now, and it is pretty packed,” Burns said. “The class is completely full, and we have had to turn some people down.”

Burns is also instructing the new Bike and Treadmill class. So far no one has signed up for the class because it conflicts with regular classes, but Burns anticipates increased participation as the semester continues.

“My bike and treadmill class is also another great cardio workout,” Burns said. “We use the bikes and treadmills in intervals to really get your heart going.”

The other exercise class is Turbo Kickboxing/Hip Hop Hustle, taught by Tiffany Koenig. It is a high-energy class that includes lots of cardio, high impact steps and punches, which Koenig says are guaranteed to make you sweat.

“We offer these classes because the Intramural [Council] and I want to promote healthy lifestyles at Simpson,” Darling said. “We also offer these classes because we have been contacted by various people who are interested in instructing these classes.”

Like Burns’ Step Aerobics class, turnout in almost all fitness classes have been high.

“We have had high attendance in all classes except for Bike and Treadmill,” Darling said. “We hope to keep the high attendance as long as possible even though it usually drops off towards the end of the year.”

These classes started Sept. 8, but Darling said there is still plenty of time to join. Information sheets are posted around campus with the times and listings of the classes and details on how to sign up.