Pep band makes time to support Storm athletics

Pep band makes time to support Storm athletics

by Derek SchutjerStaff Writer

Even though sports may be taking up a majority of the extracurricular spotlight, the pep band has been hard at work. The pep band has been preparing in order to support its fellow peers in their given sporting events.

Getting a start at the beginning of the school year, the pep band has gotten back into swing but this year with many new faces.

“We have roughly 35 to 40 members, which is about double that of last year,” senior Carl Rowles, pep band director, said.

With the increase in numbers, the pep band is looking to make themselves heard in many of this year’s athletic events. They currently perform at home football games for the Storm. The pep band will also be looking to make an impact in the upcoming men’s and women’s basketball seasons. They have also made appearances in activities outside of the regular season football and basketball games.

“Last year we played at ‘Yell Like Hell’ and the men’s basketball exhibition game at the University of Iowa,” Rowles said. “And we also went on the road to the women’s Sweet 16 basketball game.”

The pep band is not limited to those who are music majors. Many of the current pep band members hold no ties to the music department at all.

“At least half the pep band does not have music majors,” Rowles said.

The pep band gives students another opportunity to get involved. It allows some to continue playing their favorite instrument while still holding their main educational ties to their given major. Students take on the responsibility of going to practices and performing with their peers on a weekly basis

“We have practice once a week on Mondays,” sophomore trumpet player Andrea Benson said. “It usually runs about an hour or so.”

Benson is a student athlete involved in cross country. She is one of many that give their extra time to the pep band while balancing their teams and clubs.

Finding time each and every Monday may be difficult for those with other commitments but they still manage to devote their free time to benefit to the pep band and fellow schoolmates.

Along with being able to play their favorite instrument, the pep band members could also be compared to being some sort of ‘super fans.’ In attending most home events throughout the fall and winter they dedicate a great majority of their nights and weekends to supporting their fellow schoolmates.

“It really adds something to the timeouts and breaks in the game,” junior Brett DePue said.

DePue plays soccer for Simpson along with being an avid Storm supporter. He looks forward to the games involving the pep band due to their great support of Simpson sporting events.

By playing during games, the pep band gives students a break from the stressful action on the court or field. It gives a sense of pride to those at the event knowing that they have more than just a fan base on their side, they have a pep band as well, which is more than many other schools have.

“It was exciting to see them perform at ‘Yell Like Hell’ last year,” DePue said. “I hope that they will be able to perform again this year.”