He Said…She Said

He Said...She Said

Dear Drew and Emily,

My roommate recently showed me the outfit she plans on wearing for Halloween. Well, let’s just say it’s a bit revealing. Okay a lot. BUT the thing is she really loves her costume. How do I let her know it makes her look trashy without upsetting her?

Sincerely, Costume Cate

He Said…

Is your friend hot? This is a very important question and can essentially determine my entire answer. But seeing as I can’t directly ask you, on the scale of your friend’s attractiveness, I’m going to go with the benefit of the doubt in her favor and say she’s an 8 or 9 and call her a “Grade A Hottie.”

With that being decided, it’s like Cadi says in Mean Girls -“Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

So my answer to your original question: Don’t say anything. Let her enjoy the festivities and glory of “Hoe-lloween”.

In all honesty, the only people who don’t enjoy or appreciate an attractive girl in a smokin’ outfit are the girls who can’t pull it off themselves.

The straight boys love oogling, and fellow attractive girls, as well as those guys who swing the other way, know how to appreciate a hot bod when they see it.

Seeing that you are indeed concerned about your roommate’s outfit, I’m venturing a guess that you are one of the girls that can’t pull it off themselves and that you’re just in a Jealous Jane mood.

My dear, there’s still hope for you. It’s called creativity and personality, something you’ve probably had to rely on your whole life.

So go ahead and make a witty fun costume like you’ve had to do in past. Wrap yourself in tinfoil and become “leftovers” or stick a bunch of random socks/objects to yourself and become static cling.

It’s okay, even though people won’t be oogling you, like they will be oogling your roommate, they’ll at least get a good laugh at the awesome costume I’m sure you’ll create.

Just do me a favor. Don’t say anything to your friend and let her take complete advantage of the one day she can let her inner slut out.

She Said…

Oh Halloween. The one time of year when you can truly wear anything your heart desires and get away with it.

I realize you’re only trying to be a good friend, to keep your roommate from getting any flak about her ‘slutty’ outfit, but who says what she wears for a Halloween costume reflects who she is in the bedroom? And who decides when a costume crosses over from cute to slutty?

If your roommate is confident and comfortable in the costume, then let her be! Halloween is the one chance when everyone gets to play dress up and become something else. Whether that’s Steve Urkel or a Playboy bunny – that’s her prerogative.

Now, if you secretly know that she’s not 100 percent sure about her outfit, and that maybe she’s wearing it to impress someone else, then maybe mention to her that she should wear what she wants to wear. Not what some horny college kid wants her to wear.

To test her decision and make sure she’s ready for the hotness that the costume may bring, you can follow the simple Facebook Regret Rule: will your roommate be completely kosher with all her friends and networks viewing the racy pictures plastered on the social networking sight that next morning?

That doesn’t mean her bestie from home or that hot guy who sits across her from in Western Civ. class, but how about the annoying second cousin who just might print the risqué pictures for himself and haul them to Thanksgiving dinner? Or even her pervert boss from Pizza Hut, who suddenly won’t stop poking her?

If these scenarios pass the test and your roommate is still ready to rock it – then prepare yourself for the insane fun that Halloween can be and stop being a hater. And if she still wakes up the next morning wondering why she ever thought the ‘slutty’ outfit was a good idea, well, at least you can say, “I told you so!”