Our View

by Our View

Tonight’s Matthew Simpson lecture by Dr. Mark Jordan will certainly be an interesting discussion on a controversial issue in our society today.

Lectures like this one are designed to give students and even faculty a starting point for having lively, civilized and open discussions about divisive ideas and concepts that many people shy away from.

Students our age tend to sit by and let other older and more “mature” generations debate and decide what we should think and do or say about important issues.

The professors on campus are always trying to change this. They are always trying to get their students to look deeper into issues that are important and influential in society, such as sexism and sexuality. These are all issues that will inevitably affect our generation and many generations to come.

We aren’t just letting our professors down if we don’t speak out on this, however. Young adults today are more accepting of diversity than ever before. We have unique viewpoints and opinions that will go unheard if we stand by and let others speak for us.

We challenge you to go to speakers like Jordan and ask questions. Debate their views and question their conclusions. We’re paying $30,000 a year to expand our minds. We might as well speak them.