Pick Three: Costume Shops

Pick Three: Costume Shops

by Chelcee CheersStaff Writer

Looking for an awesome Halloween costume for this season’s ghoulish gallivants? Have champagne taste on a beer budget? No problem. These three costume closets may have just what you’ve been looking for.

Nobbies, in Des Moines, has a great selection of makeup, fake blood, full costumes and killer accessories. Affordable hats, shoes and props are displayed, but they don’t hold a candle to the wall of wigs at the back of the store. This wall is sure to top off any attire. They even offer vampire fangs, which can be slipped right over the canines for a realistic look.

If a scantily clad costume is in the cards, check out Playboy’s risque costumes such as the Naughty Nurse or Little Bo “Peep Show.” Playboy also offers other skin-tastic options and all the accessories needed to complete the look.

As a side note, be sure to always check packaged costumes to ensure the package includes all of the pieces it is supposed to. It would be a shame to get all the way home with a new and disappointingly incomplete costume. Furthermore, understand that costumes generally run small in sizes, so the price sometimes increases in relation to the size. And, keep in mind there’s a “no return” policy on costumes.

In addition to the plethora of party apparel which can be found at Nobbies, a variety of decorations and party favors are also available. If the plan is to go all out this Halloween, the life sized Crypt Keeper or talking butler may be of particular interest as well.

Another option to check out is the Theatrical Shop in Valley Junction. This place is outstanding for masks. These are not run of the mill, “sweaty faced and falling apart by the end of the night,” masks. They are high quality masks that could be worn for a number of years.

The shop has a pretty impressive werewolf mask that rivals those seen in horror flicks. Check it out. The selection also features Slipknot members, goblins, clowns and, of course, political- and animation- related masks.

Other items such as jewelry, packaged costumes and hair extensions are on display and available for purchase.

The shop also offers costume rental and has a huge selection available for reasonable prices. Temporary and minor alterations by an in-house seamstress are possible on some costumes as well. Obviously, all costume pieces are expected to be returned in their packaging without damage. If there are stains or tears on the fabric, a repair fee will most likely be tacked onto the final bill.

Finally, if Nobbies and the Theatrical Shop seem a bit over the top, Goodwill is always a safe bet.

Buy a yellow raincoat, paint black tire tracks on it and head out as a speed bump. Or, snag an 80’s wedding dress, tease your hair, grab some fake flowers from your neighbor’s window box and say you are going as a “Life Sucker.” That would win the scariest costume award for sure.

Goodwill is also full of old army jackets and hair band t-shirts. All you would need is a pair of fake dog tags, a bandana and maybe a wheelchair to go as “Lieutenant Dan.”

If these ideas are less than inspiring, buy a sheet and rock the toga. Or, you could nab a lampshade, stick it on your head, and say you’re “A Bright One”. And if all else fails, buy a bunch of random items from Goodwill, duct tape them to your body and go as “Trailer Trash.”

Whether you choose a random or traditional costume, be sure to have fun this Halloween season. And remember, don’t drink the punch, dog bites hurt and caramel apples should not be accepted from strangers.