Our View

by Our View

Over the past couple of months, the EPCC has been receiving and reviewing many different proposals to change different parts of the curriculum, as well as some of the myriad academic policies.

The committee, made up mostly of faculty members, also has several student representatives who were appointed by the student body president to serve on the committee and give input from a student perspective. It’s a really great idea to have students serve on a committee that could directly affect the path the curriculum takes in the coming years.

Of the many proposals that have come before the committee, many have been minor changes such as giving Cornerstone designation to a class, or changing the course description to better-reflect the material covered. There have, however, been several major new proposals to “come across the desk” of the committee.

One of those proposals is for the revision of the Communication Studies department. The department will be completely revised, and the majors will be changed to better prepare students for life after graduation. Another proposal recently sent to the faculty for a vote is one to create a new study abroad program with a university in French Polynesia.

So what are all these proposals good for? They all, in one way or another, help to shape the direction of academics at Simpson. The committee constantly works to ensure that Simpson’s curriculum and policies are up-to-par with those of other institutions and to make sure the students have the best possible opportunities to further their education.